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The hackathon that brings bright minds together for social good. How do we inspire change that really makes a difference?
Wednesday 06 Dec 2017
Science Gallery Dublin
Registration from 3:30pm in the Deloitte Gallery
Event runs from 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Think:tank offers a great opportunity to work with a mixed group of STEM professionals, designers, engineers and media professionals. Learn new skills and expand your STEM network while trying to tackle real-world problems. The process will be led by Design Thinking expert Jessica Hayden from Elan Vital. Sponsored by Repak, ESB and Novartis.

Think:tank schedule

  • 15:30 Registration
    Deloitte Gallery
  • 16:00 Introduction
    Paccar Theatre
  • 16:30 Workshop
    Deloitte Gallery
  • 18:00 Pizza & Beer
  • 18:30 Workshop
    Deloitte Gallery
  • 20:00 Finished

Design Thinking is a process that helps people understand and develop creative ways to solve a specific issue.

Join a team of scientists, communicators, designers and innovators at Science Gallery Dublin in a Design Thinking challenge to address three key issues in health and science communication. Registration is free for anyone who works in the area of STEM or STEM communication, and is intended to introduce you to a process that will help you radically change the way you approach problems in the future. ESB: How can we encourage organisations to use energy more efficiently? Repak: How can policy makers, waste collectors, producers and consumers improve on the recycling of plastic packaging waste to meet targets? Novartis: How can we make the workplace environment and culture more migraine friendly?


The workshop will be run with an open source spirit.

The purpose is to demonstrate the Design Thinking process using real world examples, rather than solve specific problems for the organisations contributing. Teams and individuals are encouraged to continue to develop their ideas after the event.


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