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Assistant Professor in science education at UCD's School of Education.

Dr Shane Bergin is a physicist and an assistant professor in science education at UCD's School of Education. Shane and his research group are interested in teaching and learning in physics (and STEM more broadly). Our research considers these in formal settings like lecture-halls or labs and also in more informal settings (like a metro train). This research is/has been supported by grants from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Marie Curie Actions, and the Irish Research Council. Shane's teaching focuses on initial science teacher education. UCD offers undergraduate science students four degree paths that see them part-qualify as a science and mathematics teacher. Following graduation from one of those BSc degrees (e.g. BSc in Mathematics, Physics, and Education), students complete a one-year professional MSc that completes their initial teacher education. Shane directs, and teaches on, this MSc in Mathematics & Science Education. Shane also contributes to science teacher education on the PME (Professional Masters of Education). Shane's interest in informal learning (public engagement/'outreach') sees him create and contribute to a number of fora. These include Quavers to Quadratics (with the National Concert Hall), a podcast series on learning (101 The Ways We Learn), as well as regular slots on Today with Sean O'Rourke (RTE) & Futureproof (Newstalk).


  • 11:45 - 13:00

    Breakout 1: COMPETITIONS

    Aviva Stadium


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