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Scientist, broadcaster, Director of Simply Science

Phil is an award winning physicist and an engineer, loving all things weird, wonderful and explosive. Experimenter and showman galore, he is a writer and presenter with Ireland’s national broadcaster RTÉ having worked on over 250 shows like Weather Live, Insiders, Swipe TV, The Mountain and Pop Goes the Weekend. After studying Applied Physics in Dublin City University, Phil went on to do his postgraduate research in Mechanical Engineering. Here he focused on the effects of computer based learning on memory retention and understanding in undergraduates. Currently Phil is the National Co-Ordinator of the PLASTIC exhibition at the Science Gallery Dublin and Co-Director of Simply Science. When not working, Phil goes to extremes to relax. This means you can find him flying around on a segway, jetski or a horse but not necessarily at the same time. Video games, golf, scuba diving and Lego are amongst his favourite things with him winning a national championship in one, although you’ll have to guess which. Always eager to have a chat please do give him a shout!


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