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Director Gill Books

As Director of Gill Books, Nicki oversees the publication of an eclectic list of bestselling and award-winning non-fiction including biography, cookery, history, current affairs, wellness, gift books, reference and lifestyle. She has recently taken the company into new markets including children’s, fiction, eBook and audiobooks with bestselling and award-winning titles. Nicki is responsible for the recruitment and development of an extremely talented bunch of creative people, who consistently inspire her. As a publisher, Nicki has worked closely with many of Ireland’s household names, including Neven Maguire for over 15 years, resulting in over 100,000 books sold through Irish bookshops. Other authors that she has worked with include Fatti and John Burke on the –Opedia trilogy, which has also sold 100,000 copies, Kathleen Watkins, Mary O’Rourke, Peter Donnelly, Rory O’Connell, Darina Allen and Ross Lewis. Nicki began her publishing career in New York City 20 years ago at independent children’s publisher Parachute Press working on R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. At Gill Books, Nicki brings that same packager’s flair for originating concepts, spotting talent and collaborating and developing authors into long term publishing brands. In addition to her responsibilities at Gill Books, Nicki also sits on the Gill Executive Board and the board of Publishing Ireland.


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