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Science Communicator and Engagement Producer at Science Friday

Kyle Marian is a former Physical Anthropologist, now focusing her work on multimedia and performance science communication/public outreach. She has performed in and produced public lectures, general science podcasting, science blogging, talk radio, and provide workshops training speakers for public events such as TEDx and comedy storytelling. She produces a monthly stand-up show called The Symposium: Academic Stand-Up featuring academics & researchers she's trained to translate their obscure research & work life into comedy for wider audiences. She is also the social media manager for Guerilla Science, an international organization bringing science to new audiences in unexpected ways. Internationally, she's performed academic stand-up comedy through the UK's Bright Club community, even taking the BBC stage during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015. While in Edinburgh, she served as executive producer and head writer for the Edinburgh University Science podcast over 1.5 years. In Leeds, she helped revive Bright Club in the city, training academics on how to use comedy skills to communicate their science and academic lives to a wider audience. In multimedia, I've worked with Bauer Media Academy, Radio Aire Leeds, and Metro Radio Newcastle to train in radio production while serving as Leeds Student Radio's chief science news correspondent. I've produced and strategically managed multimedia content for Guerilla Science and have been in charge of interns learning how to communicate scientific concepts to non-science seeking audiences online. She has worked as a forensic anthropologist for the World Trade Center debris recovery efforts in 2007 and has also taught gross anatomy for medical students, occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory care nurses, and physicians' assistants at Stony Brook Medical Center.


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