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Associate Professor Uppsala University

Felix Ho is Associate Professor and Distinguished University Teacher at the Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, Sweden. From his post-doctoral research on the water oxidation mechanism of the photosynthetic enzyme Photosystem II, he expanded his development and research interests to chemistry education during the time he served as Director of Studies in 2012 – 2018, encompassing such topics as student conceptual understanding of chemistry and mathematics, systems thinking in chemistry education, laboratory teaching, as well as the use of instructional technology in student-active teaching and learning. Dr Ho is currently the chairperson of the Centre for Discipline-Based Education Research in STEM at the Faculty of Science and Technology as well as the Subject Coordinator for Chemistry at Uppsala University. He is involved in a range of curriculum, educational and professional development issues at the faculty and university level, and is the National Representative for Sweden and Titular Member of the IUPAC Committee on Chemical Education. He was also involved in the RACE project funded by EIT Raw Materials that focused on training in science communication for graduate students and professionals in industry. He continues to be active in both chemistry and chemistry education research. A key overarching interest for him is the the propagation and transfer of research insights from the field of chemistry education to practitioners teaching at the tertiary leve in order to enable them to develop and enhance their competences in evidence-based teaching practice.


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