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Patient Voice Manager, Cancer Research, UCD Conway Institute

Elaine Quinn has a B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) from Trinity College Dublin and TU Dublin; a M.Sc. Science Communication from Dublin City University and Queen’s University Belfast. She is a member of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, and her current role is as Institute Manager (Communications & Education) in UCD Conway Institute, a biomedical research centre in University College Dublin. Elaine has more than 18 years’ experience in communications and public engagement. In addition to promoting the research reputation of the Institute, Elaine facilitates the development and delivery of public engagement initiatives and builds capacity for public engagement practice through training. Elaine has managed the Patient Voice in Cancer Research from inception in 2016. This initiative led by UCD Professor Amanda McCann builds connections between cancer patients and researchers across the island of Ireland. To date, PCVR have run 21 events reaching more than 1300 people; delivered training workshops for researchers; co-authored a publication with patient partners and enabled patient feedback to 19 groups involved in research.


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