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Responsible AI Consultant

As a Responsible Ai consultant, Claire's portfolio of work is rooted in the ethical development of artificial intelligence with respect to privacy, trust, and governance. As a former Strategy Director of Accenture’s Global Innovation Centre, Claire has worked with Fortune 500 executive teams to deliver multi-million dollar Ai-centric growth strategies. Educating audiences about the promise and pitfalls of Ai over the past decade has magnified the deficit of visual and verbal language that we must create in order to design and develop trustworthy Ai systems. She has worked with Richard Branson’s B team, presented her work at the UN and the World Economic Forum and has been published in Harvard Business Review. A mentor for The Unreasonable Group, she works with social innovation CEOs, in energy and education, supporting their ambitions to scale and attract impact investors with Ai as a core differentiator. Claire is currently studying a MA in Ethics at DCU.


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