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Future of Sci-comm WORKSHOP

The future of sci-comm is evidence-based. Learn how to fund, plan, deploy and assess your projects in a way that really makes a difference.


2nd December, Science Gallery

*PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the FUTURE@SCI:COM workshop are available as an add-on to the SCI:COM ticket, they are not sold separately.* 

Why join this workshop?

The Future of Science Communication Workshop is designed to equip you, as science communicators, with the professional expertise and skills you need to be at the forefront of science communication, facing contemporary issues.

We provide briefings on the best available evidence from systematic research on science communication, underpinned by established theory. The workshop offers you practical insights and tips to develop a more ‘evidence-based’ approach to science communication. These are the state-of-the-art practices that will bring science communicators into the future. Be a part of it!

What will be covered in this workshop?

Our goal is to bolster the professional expertise that you, as science communicators, have through experience and practice. The main issues we provide guidance on are:

  • Applying social science research and theory to avoid well-known pitfalls and improve the odds of success.
  • Planning, developing and applying objectives in a logical way to address the needs of specific stakeholders or audiences.
  • Following good ethical principles in science communication practice (including GDPR compliance).
  • Being inclusive of marginalised or excluded audiences.
  • Continually improve practice based on ongoing collection and analysis of robust evaluation evidence.

Join the workshop to learn about these aspects and more.

What is the wider context for this workshop?

Science communication can empower research and innovation systems to address global challenges and put public interests at the heart of knowledge production, sharing, and application. To effectively play this mediating role, science communication needs to constantly evolve.

In this workshop we identify key challenges and opportunities faced by science communication. We provide a strategic vision for the field’s evolution and practical training, aiming to start that evolution immediately.


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